Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Dystoptimists: Shining Light on a Dark Future

On July 18th, Enter Here

Three boxed sets come together in the ultimate scavenger hunt.
Download this CHEAT SHEET to keep track of your answers.

The Hunt
  • Tons of free ebooks and swag just for participating!
  • Begins July 18th and ends July 20th
  • Twenty-three stops can be completed anytime during the contest
  • Each stop will have a brief a paragraph and question
  • Record your answers on this cheat sheet
  • At the final stop, enter you answers to maximize your entries

The Grand Prize
  • An autographed paperback from 22 authors
  • An ebook of A Taste of Tomorrow, What Tomorrow Will Bring and Shattered Worlds
  • A progressive story featuring the winner's characters and title

The Progressive Story
  • 20 authors will come together to write a dystopian tale
  • The grand prize winner will name the characters, the book's title, and story trope
  • Each author will write a chapter to be published on social media
  • The final chapters to be hidden until publication
  • The grand prize winner will receive an advanced copy
  • The book will be made free to the public
Download this CHEAT SHEET to keep track of your answers.

The Dystoptimists
Twenty-three authors offer ebooks and swag just for participating
  1. Joseph Turkot, The Rain
  2. Cary Caffrey, The Girls of Alcyone
  3. Jason Gurley, The Man Who Ended the World
  4. Deborah Rix, External Forces
  5. Katie French, The Breeders
  6. Deirdre Gould, After the Cure
  7. Sarah Dalton, The Blemished
  8. Jenni Merritt, Prison  Nation
  9. Megan Thomason, daynight
  10. Shalini Boland, Outside
  11. Chris Ward, The Tube Riders
  12. Susan Kaye Quinn, Open Minds
  13. David Wright, Yesterday's Gone (Season One)
  14. Scott Cramer, Night of the Purple Moon
  15. TW Piperbrook, Contamination Zero
  16. Zoe Cannon, The Torturer's Daughter
  17. Samantha Durante, Stitch
  18. Saul Tanpepper, Gameland: Book 1 - Deep Into the Game
  19. David Estes, The Moon Dwellers
  20. Shelbi Wescott, Virulent: The Release
  21. Tony Bertauski, The Annihilation of Foreverland
  22. David Normoyle, The Narrowing Path
  23. Elle Casey, Apocalypsis Book 1: Kahayatle

On July 18th, Enter Here
Download this CHEAT SHEET to keep track of your answers.